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      執行標準 : GB/T3536-2021
      儀器特點 :
      技術參數 :
      測量范圍 : 室溫~400℃
      分 辯 率 : 0.2℃
      驗 火 源 : 石油液化氣/或丁烷氣體
      量重復性 : ≤4℃
      量再現性 : ≤6℃
      使用環境 :(環境溫度)10~30℃(相對濕度)小于80%RH
      功  率   : 600W
      電源電壓 : AC220V±10%
      頻  率   : 50Hz±5%
      外觀尺寸 : 380mm*330mm*300mm
      重  量   : 15kg
      PCK210intelligent opening flash point tester
      This instrument is used to determine the petroleum products open flash point value. , Operator interface, color LCD touch keyboard, wizard-driven menus adjustable heating rate, in print in English, (optional) 232 computer management interface, the Model instrument as the company exports instrument.
      Executive Standard: GB/T3536-2008
      Instrument features:
      Portable compressor body, closed dust movement, cable routing;
      Warming with the experimental curve function of time;
      With intelligent clock display;
      Automatically corrected atmospheric effects and to calculate the correction value;
      Done automatically scan, ignition, detection, air-cooled.
      44mm paper dot matrix printer, and print the results can be stored for long periods
      100 test results are recorded inquiries and print
      Independent Fp workstation (optional)
      Technical parameters:
      Measuring range: room temperature to 400 ° C
      Distinguish: 0.2 ℃
      Experience fire source: liquefied petroleum gas and / or butane gas
      Amount of repeatability: ≤ 4 ℃
      Cover reproducibility: ≤ 6 ° C
      The use of the environment: ambient temperature 10 to 30 ° C (relative humidity) is less than 80% RH
      Power: 600W
      Power supply voltage: AC220V ± 10%
      Frequency: 50Hz ± 5%
      Dimensions: 380mm * 330mm * 300mm
      Weight: 15kg


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